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 Vehicles list:

BMP-3Infantry Combat Vehicle
BMPTCombat vehicle
BMR-3Mine-Clearing Armored Vehicle
BREM-1Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle
DT-30PTwin-link tracr carrier
GRAD BM-21122 mm 40-tube multiple launch rocket system
IMR-2MAObstacle Clearing Vehicle
IMZ-8.103GEAR-UP Army Motorcycle
MI-24Hind Attack Helicopter
2S19M1-MSTASelf-propelled howitze
MT-LB6MBMultipurpose Tracked Light Armored Vehicle
MTU-72Bridge Layer
2S9 NONA-S120-mm Self-propelled gun
2S23 NONA-SVK120 mm Self-Propelled Gun
Pchela-1TLight unmanned reconnaissance aircraft
RPG-7V1Rocket Launcher
S-300V (SA-12)Missile system
T-80UKCommand Tank
T-90SMain battle tank
TOR-M1Surface-To-Air Missile System
2S31 VENA120 mm Automated Self-Propelled Gun

Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle

Producer: State-owned Enterprise
"Machine Building Plant "Uralvagonzavod"

Evacuation VGM from a field of fight
on modular items of the damaged machines.
An evacuation sticking VGM.
Rendering assistance to crews VGM
at repair and maintenance service
in field conditions.
Towing VGM, including a towing
of unguided objects.

Crew, men                    - 3
Weight, t                    - 41
Maximum speed till a highway - 60kmh
Maximum reserve of a course
till a highway, km           - 700

  12,7 mm a anti-aircraft machine gun

The equipment:
Cargo platform
- Carrying capacity, kgf  - 1500
- Overall dimensions
in the plan,              - 1.70,1.40m

The crane:
- Carrying capacity, kgf  - 12000(19000)
- Maximal altitude of rise
of a hook above a ground  - 4,36m
- Maximal departure
of a hook                 - 4,40m
The ploughshare-bulldozer
- Width mouldboard, m     - 3,1
- Maximal depth, m        - 0,45
Bars with internal amortization
(semifixed towing adaptation)
- Weight of towed object  - 50000kgf

The winch            Basic    Auxiliary
Maximal effort, kgf  25000    530
 Maximal effort with
 pulley blocks, kgf  100000   -
- Length of a cable  200m     400m
- Speed of winding
of a cable, m/sec    0,217    -


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