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VTTV-Omsk' 99

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       The Third International Exhibition of Military Land Equipment, Technologies, Armament and Conversion Products -VTTV-Omsk'99 with live demonstration at the special polygon took place in the period of June 8-12, 1999 in the City of Omsk, Russia.
       The exhibition was held in accordance with the Decree of the Russian Government and was organized by the Omsk Oblast Administration and the Intersib International Exhibition Centre with support of several Russian ministries, the Russian Defence Ministry, the Rosvoorouzhenie State Company, the Siberian Agreement Interregional Association.
       188 enterprises and companies from 56 cities and regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus participated in the exhibition.
       The exposition included 8 564 products as samples, mock-ups, boards, video materials, ad brochures, including 629 - military products plus 7965 - conversion products, dual-use products and civil products.
       The total exhibition area was 15 400 sq.meters, including 7 000 sq.meters of covered area.
       On the specially equipped polygon maneuvering and firing capabilities were demonstrated by 35 kinds of weaponry and vehicles.

       For the third time the International Exhibition of Military Land Equipment, Technologies, Armament and Conversion Products -VTTV-Omsk'99 took place at production areas of the Polyot Aerospace Company in the City of Omsk, Russia. The majority of Russian and foreign guests of the event admitted that the exhibition had successfully integrated itself in the international calendar of military shows and became the second important exhibition after the Moscow Aerospace Salon (MAKS). Thanking to the VTTV-Omsk, experts of leading companies of many continents found out about huge potential of the military-industrial complex, many enterprises met new contacts and new opportunities to enter the world markets, to expand cooperation ties.
       The evidence of growing authority of the show is the increase of number of participants by 40% in comparison with the VTTV-Omsk-97 and expansion of geography of exponents and visitors.
       188 enterprises of the military-industrial complex participated in the show and 60% of them participated in the event for the second or third time. Among them are: Transmash GUP (Omsk), Barnaulsky Stankostroilteny Zavod (Barnaul), Rubtsovky Mashinostroitelny Zavod (Rubtsovsk), Rusich AO (Kurgan), Institute of Applied Physics (Novosibirsk), Izhmash (Izhevsk), Rosvoorouzhenie Company, Ukroboronservice GP (Ukraine), Kurganmashzavod, Uralvagonzavod (Nizhny Tagil), etc.
       The products displayed prove the ability of the defense sector of industry to promote competitive products to world market - beginning from means of personal safety to most advanced armored vehicles. Among the displayed samples were missile and artillery armament, armored vehicles, military vehicles, engineering armament, aerospace products, means of radiation, chemical and biological safety, means of communication and automation, small firearms, ammunition, simulators, means of logistics, modernized samples of armament and military equipment, etc.
       GAZ AO demonstrated twenty automobiles and armored vehicles: GAZ 3937 Vodnik family, GAZ Rostok, GAZ 33021 Ratnik, BTR-80A Buinost Armored Personnel Carrier, BTR-90 Armored Personnel Carrier and others.
       KBTM (Omsk) presented the fighting vehicle of TOS-1 heavy flame thrower and BREM-80. On the stand of the Transmash GUP you could see the T-80U, T-80UK tanks and their modifications. The Murommashzavod presented the TTV-219RK tank driver simulator. The Kurganmashzavod - BMP-3 and BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, BREM-L Vehicle. On the booth of the Kazansky Optiko-Mekhanichesky Zavod the Metis-3 thermal vision device allowing to shoot in complete darkness attracted attention of the visitors. The Molot Zavod (Vyatskieye Polyany) presented samples of small firearms for military and civil people. The item that attracted interest was anti-tank cartridge capable to destroy the target at an angle of 90 degrees during frontal attack. You could also see civil weapons: pump guns and carbines made on the base of Kalashnikov Sub-machine Gun.

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