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    Induction portable metal detector IMP-2 -  

    IMP-2 - the new induction portable metal detector is designed for derection of metal contaiining objects hidden in various njn-conducting and poortly-cjnducting media.


    • criminal investigation
    • geology
    • archaeology
    • wire communication
    • communal economy
    • inspection of persons (customs-house, civil aviation,correctional institutions, precious metal processing enterprises)
    • medicine,veterinary science (localisation of metal objects in the man or animal's body)
    • treasure-searching
    • defence (search and detection of mines)

    The metal detector is a portable device containing the detecting element (detector, telescope bar), the processing unit, the supply unit (outside) and earphones.

    Additional delivered: handle, elbow-rest, metal case, cover (soft package), strap for carriage either in case or in cover, feeler (handle with a bar), iron-ring for 343 batteries, carrier for accumulators 8RC83, pattern.


    The metal detector is supplied with the safe automatic tuning system for search in variable surroundings. It allows performing search of metal objects in soils of any kind and any humidity, in brickwork, in snow and water both fresh and saltat the depth up 1 metre.

    The detector preserves workability at the ambient temperature from -50 C to +50 C. It has the built-in system of continuous workability control.

    The metal detector is autonomously 9V-battery supplied.

    The configuration of the metal detector allows using various types of current sources:

    • Six 316, A316 elements;
    • 883 battery;
    • six -0.45 accumulators placed in the supply compartment of the processing unit, or
    • six 343 elements;
    • six 373 elements;
    • two 3336 batteries placed in the supply unit.

    The metal detector possesses high sensitivity. Standard range detection values of certain and metal containing objects are adducced in the following table:

    Object Detection range
    1 kopeck coin (copper, mass of 1 gramme) 80-100 mm
    Wedding ring (gold) 200 mm
    Steel nail d=3 mm, 1=70 mm 120 mm
    Steel needle 90-100 mm
    Pistol of 7.62 mm calibre 400 mm
    Steel disk d=300 mm, h=3 mm 400-600 mm


    Detector, mm 200x200x10
    Telescopic bar (length), mm 830-1500
    Processing unit, mm 195x130x45

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